Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am a singer? I don’t think so because I don’t have talent in singing. But if I have given an opportunity to become a singer, I choose the ballad as a concept because I love to hear something that makes me feel calm. I will put 10 songs in my album and this is list of my songs:

Thinking of you
· It was a story about the girl who fed up with the boy who always teases her. But one day, the boy doesn’t disturb that girl anymore. The girl do not happy with that situation and she feel something loss. She always thinking about the boy who teases her before. She doesn’t have any idea why she is like that, but at the end she realize that she fall in love with that boy.

· This lyric is created by me and I dedicate to someone special in my life. This song shows my appreciate to him because be my someone special in my life. I want to tell him that his place will not be irreplaceable by anyone even tough he is not in this world anymore. I will keep our love as a sweetest memory that I ever had.

The day we fell apart
· It was a story about a girl who wants her ex-boyfriend back to her. She knows that it will shames her but she realize that when the guy left her, she notice that he is much meaner than others. She admits that she’s doing bad mistake if she left him.

· This song was about a girl who want more loving than she ever had. She very glad to found the boy who makes love around him getting easy like 1,2,3,4. She wants the guy piece her back together if she fall apart. She wants the guy telling him things that he never even tells his closest friends. She wants to be everything to that guy.

I’m just a girl
· It was stories about a girl who have been away from home for so long until she almost forget where she belongs. She didn’t mean to do something wrong, but she only want to got the best for her. She realizes that it’s so hard to live with regrets but she promise to be a better person.

See you again
· This song was about a girl who has found a guy that make she felt the deep connection when the guy looked in her eyes, who makes she couldn’t breathe when they are hang out and make she got crazy feeling inside. She feels something special to him and she can’t wait to see him again and again.

Nobody’s perfect
· This song tells that everybody will make a mistake in their life. She lives and learns from his previous experience. She will never repeat the mistakes again. It was because she knows that every problem can be solved and she will try to fix all the things up.

From the bottom of my broken heart
· It was a story about a girl with a broken heart. She said that all her joy will through her tears and her hopes through her fears. Even tough she will find somebody new, but she will never forget her first love. She hopes to give a chance for one more day and started again. She promises to keep the love till end.

Never ever
· It was a story about a girl who wants to tell her friend that if the boy doesn’t love her by now, it will never ever love her. Her friend doesn’t believe that and said that it was only tripping by his friend. She thinks that her friend feels jealousy to her but after she see by herself that boy having a date with someone else, she realize that they will never being together.

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