Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ghost? I never seen weird things before and never had a personal experience about that. I just heard that things from my friend and relatives. There are many stories I heard about the paranormal things but the one story that I never forget is begin with….

This one happened to my friend, Wani when she was 15 years old. It was happened when she was in her college at SMK Benut. One day after her break school, she was sent by her parents to his dormitories. She headed right away to her room. Her room was in the second floor then. She was hurry because she just bought her favorite magazine, “Remaja”. As she lay in bed and reading the magazine, she heard a noise coming from the ceiling. The noise sounded like someone was tossing coins on the ceiling.

She went to the upstairs to find out what is really happened. Apparently the room was closed, she went back to her room and continues her reading but there it was again. It was so annoying. So, she went back to the same room and checked others room but there was nobody. It seemed that she was the only who went home early because she went downstairs and checked in the log book. The rooms were not yet logged-in.

Anyway, a year passed and she was now occupying a different room. But one day, she passed by a group of students who were hanging out sharing some freaky stories. One girl said that she often hears coins tossed on the ceiling but nobody was in the rooms on top of her. Wani asked the girl where she is staying and it was in the same room where I stayed before. Until now, she still does not know what is really happen on that room. She just forgets it because anyone never knows the truth mysteries about that noise.

I am so glad; I never had my own experience about that. I can’t imagine what will happen to me if I can see it on myself. Thank to God..


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u should have an experience for the all things coz it's makes u feels what other people feels when they face that incident.=)