Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Juwita Suwito – Breathe Again

Have you wondered how it feels when it’s all over
Wondered how it feels when you just have to start anew
Never knowing where you’re going
When you face a brand new day
It to be that way
Now I just close my eyes and see

I just want to breathe again
Learn to face the joy and pain
Discover how to laugh a little
Cry a little
Live a little more
I just wanna face the day
Forget about the woes of yesterday
Maybe if I hope a little
Try a little more
I’ll breathe again

Starting out again is never easy
Disappointments come and go
But life still moves onWith a bit of luck
It’s a brand new start
That might just walk my way
No need to walk away
Don’t want to live life’s replay
Thinks I will work out fine
If you can found the courage to look past the night
To see the break of dawn.

Today, I learned a new song called Breathe Again by Juwita Suwito. When I heard that songs, its reminds me about my past experience when I first came to UiTM Segamat. I’m taking Diploma in Business Study. Actually, I’m not interested in this course but my sister advises me to continue my studies here because I have a big interest in calculating. So, I just follow their advice because I know they will do the best for me. When I first came here, I have no idea how to start my new life here; all of here was new to me.

Although this is not my first time separate with my family, but I still feel sad when my mom leave me alone at this place. I really don’t know how to face my new day here. I’m so tired and don’t have time to rest. Need to wake up early morning and sleep midnight.

Fortunately, I have a very nice room-mate named Aza from Negeri Sembilan which has same behaviors like me so I can easily adaptable with new environment here. I always with her along the orientation week because I’m not from warm-hearted type but I’m also not arrogant girl. I just have a big ashamed with myself. So from that, I remind myself to starting a new life here and forget about the past time but I know it’s not an easy work for me to do.

On my first day in classes, I meet my new friend that I never knowing them before. I try to get along with them and I meet Fiza which be my best friend for a two semester. We were trying to know each other better than before. For me, she is a good listener and friendly but she also sensitive. We sharing a happiness and sadness together until I have been transfer to the other class. Although we are not in the same class anyway, but we always get in touch. At the new class, I have met another new best friend named Azie. When I was in semester 2 I meet another friend named Ima, she is a good friend, kindly and also good looking. I'm very happy to be here and I wants to thank a lot to my sister because force me to study here. Now, I know that sucess will never come if we don't try to catch up them and I will keep this memory as my sweetest thing that happen in my life forever.


Izuan said...

DBS is Campus Serenity's specialty. You should be proud studying here.

ima said...

tq because u want to be my friend...i so happy..

era_zierah said...

i'm bz right now...
to update my blog...
my blog have many prob ...
so i want to settle my prob...
i hope ur understand...
after this,please make appointment with me if u want to meet me...
juz for joke...
don't take seriously...

lynn said...

waa...why my name not in your list friens??...=(

Anonymous said...

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