Friday, January 16, 2009


For this semester, I have taking seven subjects include my co-curriculum subject. It was BEL 311 (English for Academic Purpose), MGT 269 (Business Communication), QMT 216 (Introduction to Statistics), ECO 211 (Macroeconomic), CTU 241 (Fundamental of Islamic Economics), BMD 101 (Mandarin) and HSK 114 (Hand Ball). I don’t think these subjects will be easy for me to struggle just like last semester. Therefore, I need to manage my time well to make me pass excellently for this semester.

Firstly, for BEL 311 was taught by Sir Mohd Izuan Ismail. When the first time I meet him, he looks so strict but after knowing him better, I think he is not. He just wants their student to be more advance in English just like him. My first impression on this subject is it will be an interesting more than my English for last semester. I really hope that my language will be improve for this semester because I think English is one of the important language that we need to dominate it.

Then, MGT 269 is an interesting subject. It is because it full with information about business world. We can learn many things like how to writing a report and proposal, how to attend a meeting and interview and many thing that will be use in the business world. My lecturer for this subject is Sir Ahmad Kamil Mohamed who is nice and sweet person. He never gets mad with his student if they are doing wrong but his advice them politely. It makes me more attracted to learn this subject.

The third is QMT 216 that teaches us about a calculation. I really love this subject because I love calculation. For me, calculation is easier and more challenging than reading subject is. In this subject, the lecturer is Miss Nor Zarina Johari. She is nice person but I do not understand why she must get in hurry to teach their student. She looks like she was chasing by a dog. Sorry for say that but I do not think it is a good way to teach the student. It makes us more confusing so we need to understand this subject by ourselves.

Next will be Eco 211. This is very tough and quite difficult subject to cover it for this semester. Majority of my seniors repeated this subject, so it makes me frightening to learn this subject. When I have entered the class, I am so glad to meet Pn Zailati. For me, she is a knowledgeable person. She knows everything about economic in Malaysia, about a foreign sector and what the problem happen in this country. I start to admire this lecturer because of her characteristic.

Another subject is CTU 241 that was taught by Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. He is nice and understanding person. He always gives us some advice and support on how be successful in the world and hereafter. Although this subject is in Malay language but I don’t think this subject is an easy because it needs us to work hard on remembering all the facts. It was too bored to remembering all of that and reading something like that makes me so sleepy.

Sixth will be BMD 101, was taught by Mr. Lim Yoon Chong. He is funny, nice person and sometime I love to see him smile. I like the way he teach us, so gently and politely. For me, mandarin is a unique language but some words are quite difficult to pronounce it. However, I hope that I will get the good result in this subject.

Lastly will be HSK 114. I think this subject is simple and easy because I just have to attend the class every week and learn how to play hand ball correctly. It can help me to release my tension and make me enjoy to study here.

I hope I will score for all subject in this semester and will not repeat any of them. I will trying to study hard and get the best result in this semester and make my family proud of me.

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