Monday, February 2, 2009

" mY cLassmAtes "

In this semester, I had new classmates and I enjoy in knowing them. Some of them I do not know but there are certain friends that I am familiar too. Let’s check it out what type of my classmates are..

AL – In class, I call him “jambu”. Although, sometimes he is so annoying but actually he is a good and friendly person.

ASYRAF –I just see him this semester, so I don’t know how to describe him.

SOOD – He is funny person to me and he loves to make people laugh.

KHALID – He is my class rap. His English is good and he got a lot of confidence when doing presentation.

NASRI – Although he is my classmates since in part 1, I can’t describe him so well. What I know about him, he always with Sood everyday.

NIZAM – Same like Ashraf, I don’t know him too. But what can I say, he look so shy in class.

SALWA & RADIYAH – They are twin in this class but Salwa is more aggressive than his twin. She also has a good voice and very talented in singing, when Radhi is soft-spoken but both of them is very friendly.

FARAH IRMA – She likes to smile and she loves pink color. She likes to wearing clothes with their accessories at same colors.

ATIKAH – This is first time we in a same class, so I don’t know much about her.
AIZA ZALEHA - I also do not very close with her in class so I do not know how to tell about her.

IMA – She is my best friend since last semester. Although, we just know each other last semester but she is really kind, friendly and always giving us smile.

AZIERAH – She also my best friend since part 1, she also kind and helpful but she hard to smile to other person.

ERNIE – She was Ain’s best friend and they are always together. She’s not talk too much in class but she is nice.

SUE – She is nice, friendly and kind person.

LYNN – I call her ‘kakak’. I know her since Part 2 when she’s in same class with me for BEL 260 subject. She’s very happy-go-lucky person in class and funny girl. I’m very happy to know her.

NIK – In class, she close with Sal and always together. She is nice friend.

ZIERA – It’s me..

SAL – She is Nik’s best friend. She always sit in front of class and very hardworking person.

HUDA – I know her because we live in same colleague, Zamrud. We always share our problems and I happy to know her.

AINA - Apex, his nickname in class. She is very active and always asks to lecturer if she don’t understand about something. I really impressed to her.

SHIDA – She always with Huda, Sheila and Khalid. She is nice person.

FARA – She is happy-go-lucky person and always with Apex.

FARAHAIN – She is good friend and helpful.

ZATI – She is cute and always sit front of class with Apex and Fara.

KENT - She’s very fluent when speaking in English and she is nice person.

RAJA - I don’t know her well because I’m not close with her.

AIN - I know her since part 1, she is very happy-go-lucky person.

MUIN – He is bit quiet in class and not talkative person, so I don’t know how to describe him.


lynn said...

thankz being my friend ya...=)

sakura said...

erm go lucky kew....?????
thanks eh....walaupn xsepatut ye thanks..