Saturday, February 21, 2009


Since my first day at UiTM Segamat, Johor, I already live at Zamrud College but for this semester I don’t get any room. They said I not fulfilled their condition to be there. I have no idea why I have to be in this situation. My dad very angry to me, he said I just playing around and not involve in any activities here but I already go if there is any occasion here with my friend. I’m very sad with my father so after make an earnest, I got the college.

I got room number Z138 at block C. It just two people in that room, me and my roommate, Amy. She’s actually is my friends when were in part one because were in the same wing so, I had familiar with her. At first, it was very nice environment because I can see a green tree there with the monkey yelling around and swing from one bunch to one bunch looking for food but at night it looks a little scary for me. I can’t see anything because it was too dark there but at last I just ignore it.

Now I would like to tell about my new roommate in this semester, Amy Munira. Amy from Negeri Sembilan was Part 3 student which taking Diploma in Information Multimedia (DIIM). She’s very nice and helpful person. She has a best friend which called Bella and Zimah. Bella was same wing with us, when Zimah’s room at Block D. They are always spending all her time in my room. They eat together. Go to class together, and sometimes they wear the same color of clothe if they want go to classes. All of them are study in the same course.

There are many actions and habits that I can see everyday from them. Everyday, my room is noisy with their actions but I still feel comfortable with them because they always make me full with smile and laughs. Without them I feel so lonely and bored. I’m really happy got Amy as my roommate.


Izuan said...

Are there really monkeys near Zamrud?

Anyway, I hope you had fun with your new roommates.

mushro0m said...
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mushro0m said...
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